The Southern Nevada Officials Association
Summer, 2010 Newsletter

Football officials to honor Vince Consul: All SNOA Football officials will be wearing an armband for the upcoming high school football season in honor of Vince Consul who unexpectedly passed away earlier this month. The armband will bear the initials VC on them. Vince was not only a longtime football official in the association but also served as a football crew chief, football board member and also served as legal counsel for the SNOA Board of Control.

Arbiter Update: For those of you in the association that have cell phones with internet access, you may have noticed that you are unable to access from your phone. The arbiter has provided the following information to you:

ArbiterSports uses JavaScript for much of its navigation, and most mobile devices do not support JavaScript. However, some workarounds do exist. Any Android phone can access ArbiterSports by using Opera Mini as the installed internet browser on the phone. Also, any iPhone can use Safari, which is the default browser. Blackberry users can try using an alternate web browser called Bolt. Also, plans are currently in place to release a mobile accessible version of the site in the summer/fall of 2010.

SNOA Scholarship Winners:
The SNOA Scholarship Committee met in May and awarded the four academic scholarships provided by the Board of Control. The following four individuals were each awarded a $1000.00 scholarship based on their high school academics, high school achievements and community involvement.

Ian Romeo
Dylan Rogers
Amber Salazar
Mason Buckman

Congratulation to all winners. The Board of Control wishes all of them the best of luck in college.

SNOA/College World Series:
 SNOA member Kelly Gonzales recently completed umpiring in his first College World Series. Kelly has been a longtime member of SNOA in football and baseball and was one of eight umpires selected nationally to umpire this prestigious event in Omaha , Nebraska . SNOA is very proud of this tremendous accomplishment by Kelly!

To read more on Kelly
click here.

SNOA Football Members go Division 1:
 Darryl Johnson (Crew 13 Crew Chief and former Board of Control Member) was recently hired as an on-field official in the PAC-10 Football Conference. Roscoe Meisenheimer (Crew 10) was recently hired as an on-field official in Conference USA and the Southland Football Conferences.

SNOA congratulates both Darryl and Roscoe and wishes them the best during the upcoming college football season!

Football Clinic:
 SNOA would like to thank the 50 football officials that attended the Terry Terry/Vince Consul Memorial Football Camp/Clinic which was held this past Sunday at Palo Verde High School . The officials reviewed video and had classroom breakout sessions led by Division 1 College and veteran officials of SNOA.

 Two longtime SNOA members have recently relocated. SNOA Basketball member and Basketball Instructional Chairman Riel Banaria recently relocated to the Philippines . SNOA Baseball and Basketball member and SNOA Finance Committee member Pat Chapman has recently relocated to Round Mountain, Nevada.

SNOA wishes both Riel and Pat the best of luck and wants to thank them for their years of service to the Association!

Insurance Matters:
 The NFHS has raised the cost of officials insurance for the upcoming school year from $12.00 to $17.00. This rate increase went to all officials in every state covered by the NFHS Insurance. This is only the second rate increase in the NFHS Organizations 27 year history. The reason for the increase was to defray the costs of the new NFHS Officiating Hub which now provides new and updated training and educational materials for officials in all sports. The new educational program through NFHS includes a searchable NFHS Rules Database and  NFHS Rules and Mechanics Videos with animation. Please follow the link below to access the new NFHS Officiating Hub which is powered by Once on the homepage, please click your individual sports icon on the right which will then take you directly to the sport that you officiate. The site is still brand new and will continue to add additional features that will benefit all officials.

Your $17.00 NFHS Insurance fee includes: Liability Insurance, Medical Insurance (secondary insurance), Online NFHS Officials Quarterly, and all of the new features of the NFHS Officiating Hub.

Get Your Gear: Honigs will be coming to Del Sol High School on Sunday August 8th. If you need new gear for the upcoming fall season please be prepared to make your purchases at this meeting. There may be additional vendors at some upcoming meetings, but as of this date, Honigs is the only vendor scheduled. You may check out what Honigs has to offer at  

NASO Summit : President Vince Kristosik and Commissioner Mark Ratner will be traveling to Minneapolis , Minnesota and participating in the 28th Annual National Association of Sports Officials Summit. Carl Britt, SNOA Basketball Board Member and former Minnesota resident and Big Ten Football Official will be a guest speaker at the Summit . The NASO Summit focuses on topics designed specifically for leaders of state high school officiating programs, local association officers, supervisors and coordinators, assigners, conference administrators and sports officials at all levels - from around the country and the world. The Summit provides 2-1/2 days of unmatched resources to state and local associations and delivers critical analysis to officiating leaders everywhere.

SNOA Website:
 Do you have experience developing websites? Do you have experience as a webmaster? If so, please contact SNOA Secretary Gail Anderson at . SNOA is looking for members with experience in putting together and possibly running the SNOA website. If you are interested please notify Gail no later than July 31st and you will be placed on the agenda for the August Board of Control meeting.

2010 Survey:
 The Board of Control will be releasing their 2010 SNOA Officials Survey sometime in August. Last year's survey was a big success as over 500 members completed the on-line survey. This will be your opportunity to grade all aspects of the Association. When the survey is released please take the time to review all questions and answer them to the best of your ability.

NIAA Website: Please continue to check the NIAA website at for additional officiating information. Once on the main page you must click the officials tab. This will provide all types of officiating information for all officials in the state of Nevada .

In Closing! The SNOA Board of Control hopes that you all have had a safe and enjoyable summer so far. If you know of friends or acquaintances that wish to officiate for the upcoming 2010-2011 school year, please notify them of our upcoming meetings for your sport. See you all at Del Sol High School this year!

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