The Southern Nevada Officials Association
Fall, 2010 Newsletter

2010 Banquet: SNOA would like to thank all of its members that attended this year’s banquet and made it another successful event for the Association. Four Hundred individuals attended the banquet.  We hosted two guest speakers; NIAA Executive Director Eddie Bonine and NCAA Championship Basketball official Dave Libbey. NIAA Assistant Director Jay Beesemyer also addressed the audience and said that his first SNOA banquet will not be his last. We would like to thank all those that contributed photos for the video presentation. Photos from the banquet will soon be posted to the SNOA website. SNOA also wishes to thank the Orleans Hotel for hosting our annual event for the fifth consecutive year.

We would like to congratulate Vince Kristosik who was re-elected as the SNOA President and Susan Young who was re-elected as our Board Member at large. Both will be serving two year terms on the Board of Control which will expire in 2012.

SNOA Constitution Update: At the recent SNOA Business Meeting there were several constitutional changes that were voted upon and approved by the membership. These changes will be posted to the website within a few weeks. You can find the SNOA Constitution on the website by clicking on the PDF’s tab. One proposal was to have the All Sports Board replace the Ethics Committee as the appeal board for all disciplinary matters. This proposal did not pass and the Ethics Committee will continue to serve as the appeal board for all such matters.

NBA/SNOA: On November 6th, 2010, former SNOA Basketball Official Tre Maddox became the first SNOA official ever to work a regular season game in the NBA. Maddox, who officiated two 4A Boys High School State Championships in the 2000’s, officiated the Los Angeles Clippers and Utah Jazz double overtime game.
SNOA wishes to congratulate Tre on this outstanding achievement and wish him the best in his officiating career!

SNOA Assignors stepping Down: Longtime SNOA Volleyball Assignor Larry Conover stepped away from his assigning duties this past girls volleyball season due to some health issues that he has been dealing with. SNOA would like to thank Jerry Huston who stepped in for Larry and finished the season without a hitch.

SNOA Baseball Assignor Azim Jessa has also decided to resign from his assigning duties. Azim and his wife Sara recently welcomed the addition of a baby girl to their family.
SNOA would like to thank Larry and Azim for the time and dedication given to the Association while serving in these roles.

SNOA Invades Tonopah: SNOA wrestling officials recently traveled north to Tonopah and hosted the state wrestling pre-season clinic. The weekend clinic is a pre-season get together and clinic for all wrestling officials from around Nevada. SNOA was the host association this year and supplied food and beverage to all those who attended.

2010 Survey: We would like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the SNOA survey that was sent out in October. Your opinion matters as the Board of Control uses the survey to evaluate many aspects of the Association and make changes where needed.

Recent Passings: SNOA has suffered a tough year with the loss of many individuals that have been members of the Association. We most recently lost Honorary Member, former softball umpire and scoring and timing assignor, Hope Murphy. Hope was a 25 year member of the Association and was one of the pioneer women of SNOA. Hope relocated to Florida a few years ago and passed away peacefully in Florida.

Earlier this month SNOA basketball official Quintin Dailey passed away of a sudden heart attack. Quintin was a ten year member of the Association and was a former NBA basketball player.  He provided many opportunities to basketball officials wishing to improve as officials out of the Tarkanian Basketball Complex.

We ask that you please keep these and all individuals of the SNOA family that have passed away this year in your thoughts and prayers.

Winter Board Elections: SNOA wishes to congratulate Phil Thompson who was recently elected as a new board member to the Basketball Board. We would like to thank departing Board member Carl Britt, who decided not to seek re-election, for his service to the basketball membership these past two years.

SNOA also wishes to congratulate Frank Roquini and Alice Ferguson of the Scorers and Timers Board, Ed Brown of the Basketball Board and Mike Guerino of the Wrestling Board.  These individuals were all re-elected to their respective winter sport boards.

SNOA Website: We hope you have had the chance to view the new SNOA website Please check the agenda to the right of the homepage for the most up-to date meeting dates and times. You can also click on any sport for more detailed information for that particular sport. Board of Control minutes are posted on the Board of Control page.  The history page will be updated periodically with old SNOA Newsletters. The Newsletter has also found a permanent home on the site which can be found under the SNOA News link.

Relocating: Two longtime members of SNOA have relocated to the North Carolina area; LaRue Marone who officiated football, basketball, and baseball and Gatheon McGowan who officiated football, basketball, and softball.  Both relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina this past summer.  Also relocating was Lance Ringler, a basketball official who has moved to Indiana.
If you know of any SNOA members that have relocated to another area please pass the information on to a Board of Control member so that we can post it in an upcoming newsletter.

Pink Whistle Update: You may have noticed that SNOA officials from football, basketball, and wrestling have been using pink whistles during their games. The pink whistle, which is used for breast cancer awareness, is now being used by many high school, NCAA, and professional officials around the country. NIAA Commissioner of Officials Marc Ratner recently stated that he supports SNOA officials using pink whistles in all regular season games, as well as the playoffs.

Arbiter/NFHS Update: You may have noticed that you received a welcome message from the Arbiter not too long ago asking you to join the NFHS Arbiter group. If you accepted this invitation (which you should have) you now have the ability to research and review many different training videos and articles for your particular sport. Please take the time to view this information as it is being provided from NFHS to improve the education of all officials. To find the new NFHS/Arbiter site you must click on “Switch Views” on your Arbiter homepage and click on the NFHS link. If you do not have this option with your Arbiter account, please contact a Board of Control member.

2010 SNOA State Championship Game Officials: SNOA would like to recognize the following Fall Sport Officials that were selected to officiate a State Championship game in their respective sport.

4A: Carl Gertz, Jeff Carr, and Cris Griffith

3A: Tom Rouse and Jeff Roberts

2A: John Cortez and Rey Fast

1A: Larry Hanson and Tim Decker

4A: Doug Clarke

3A: Rolf Wicke

4A: Bill Robinson

3A:Yvonne Arguello

1A: Danny Sanchez

Association Policies: All SNOA officials, assigned thru our Association, are required to maintain a professional appearance and to conduct their game responsibilities in a professional manner. Officials are required to be dependable in accepting and fulfilling game assignments. The trading of, or giving away, of game assignments is never allowed.

All officials are expected to arrive at the game site early enough to have a thorough pre-game meeting with the other official(s). If you have been assigned a road game and will be the driver, allow sufficient time to travel to the game site. The driver is responsible for providing ample refreshments for the rider on the return trip home.

If you eject a player from any sporting event you must go to the SNOA website and fill out the on-line ejection report which you can find in the forms section. This report must be submitted within 24 hours of any ejection.

Remember that advancement in officiating comes from dedication, knowledge of the rules, dependability and looking and conducting yourself in a professional manner.

Del Sol: Del Sol High School has been gracious enough to allow us to hold our meetings at their school for this school year. Please remember not to disturb anything in the classrooms including anything on the teacher’s desks. Food and drinks are also not permitted in the classrooms.


Welcome the New Member

I’m a New Member

I see you at the meetings, but you never say “Hello,”

You’re busy all the time you’re there, with those you already know,

I sit amongst the people, yet I’m a lonesome guy,

The “New Members” are as strange as I,

And the “Old Timers” pass me by,

But darn it, you people asked me in, and you talked of fellowship,

You could just step across the room, but you never make the trip,

Why can’t you nod and say “Hello”,

Or stop to shake my hand then go sit amongst your friends?

Now that I understand, I’ll be at your next meeting,

With others we have time to spend

Do you think you could introduce yourself?

I really want to be your friend.



In Closing: SNOA would like to thank all of our Fall Sports Officials for a great start to the school year. If you are a Winter Sports Official make every effort to attend your scheduled meetings and continue to study the rulebook.

SNOA would also like to wish all of our officials a very happy and safe holiday season ahead. The Association is looking forward to a great new year for all officials!


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