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2012 Newsletter

Tre MaddoxTre Maddox: SNOA would like to congratulate former SNOA official Tre Maddox who is currently working as a full time NBA official this NBA season. Tre worked two state 4A Boys State finals as an SNOA official in 2004 and 2007. When watching an NBA game look for Maddox who wears #73 and lets all root him on. Congratulations Tre on this outstanding accomplishment!
Congratulations: SNOA would like to congratulate some of our current and former football officials who were selected for bowl games this year. They are as follows:

Champs Sports Bowl - Florida St. vs. Notre Dame

Terry White - Back Judge
Carl Gertz - Replay official

Insight Bowl - Iowa vs. Oklahoma

Darryl Johnson - Line Judge

Gator Bowl - Ohio St. vs. Florida

Craig Falkner - Back Judge

Compass Bowl - SMU vs. Pittsburgh

Scott Teifer – Umpire

Congratulations are also in order for NFL football official Mark Perlman who was selected to officiate the Green Bay Packers/New York Giants divisional playoff game.

Hall of Fame: SNOA has three members who were recently inducted into the Southern Nevada Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame. They were Scott Teifer, Mark Perlman and Bruce Bayne. Also inducted was former SNOA longtime President and Southern Zone Commissioner Rick Richardson. The inductions took place this past December at the Orleans Hotel. These individuals also join current and former SNOA football officials Jim Cavin, Vince Consul, Chuck Minker, Marc Ratner and Terry Tait who are also part of this Hall of Fame. Congratulations to all of you for this special recognition!

New SNOA Assignors: SNOA has some new assignors that have taken over in their respective sports. They are as follows:

Jim Claypoole (Basketball)
Emily Prater (Swimming)
John Martin (Volleyball)
Rich Mumford (Softball)
Tim Resch (Baseball)

New Board Members: SNOA has had some new individuals that have been elected to their respective sports boards this school year. They are as follows:

Basketball: Brian Baughman and Drew Chupka
Football: Toby Minter
Volleyball: John Martin
Wrestling: Kendall Chrysler
Congratulations and good luck to all of you as you serve your members over the coming years!

SNOA/College Officiating: SNOA Basketball has quite a few members this year who are who are working different collegiate conferences as basketball officials. They are as follows:

Camilo Adams, Brian Baughman, Libby Brooks, Mike Brooks, Deldre Carr, Ian Davis, Sam Gibson, Gary Horky, Kent Johnson, Vince Kristosik, Jennifer Leach, Anthony Lewis, Emma Major, Bobby McRoy, Tony Petrik, Chris Petty, Herb Rafuse, Tim Resch, Infini Robinson, Tom Sawyer, Derek Sedler, John Shepherd, Tony Thomas, Jeff Wells and Curtis Willliams.

Also, former SNOA Basketball official Scott Johnson who recently relocated to Austin, Texas was hired as an official in the NBA D-League this basketball season.

We hope the season is going great for everyone so far!

Website Update: The SNOA History page has been updated. If you go to the top of the history page you can click on “View Historical Newsletters”. Some the minutes from prior SNOA banquets and business meetings have been added and are now able to be viewed. These minutes show many decisions that were made at prior banquets that have helped mold SNOA into what it is today. Included in this section are the minutes from the 1965 business meeting that took place at the Elks Lodge. It is a bit hard to read but these minutes that are now 46 years old but these are the oldest minutes that we still have on file.

Upcoming Meeting Dates and Times: If you visit the homepage of the SNOA website you can view all upcoming meeting dates and times for all winter and spring sports. Please check the running agenda on the far right of the page which will provide you with all of the necessary information.

Ethics Committee Update: The Ethics Committee, which has a representative from each sport who sits on the committee, has been revamped as they put in some long hours last year looking at ways to improve the committee. At this years banquet the membership voted to amend the constitution which gives the Ethics Committee the ability to hear more cases and different situations that may come up that needs to go before the committee

2012 Honorary Members: At the SNOA banquet this past November, the SNOA membership approved four individuals that will be honored at the 2012 banquet as Honorary Members of the Association. The individuals that will be honored are former SNOA volleyball official and assignor Larry Conover, former SNOA basketball official Quintin Dailey, former SNOA basketball and football Official Markus Gallant, and former Durango High School Volleyball coach Bob Kelly. Two individuals were honored at this year’s banquet and inducted as the newest Honorary Members of SNOA. They were former SNOA Secretary and Treasurer Bill Boyd and former longtime NIAA Executive Director Dr. Jerry Hughes.

What is an Honorary Member? An Honorary member of SNOA is the highest recognition that the Association can bestow upon an individual. An Honorary Member is an individual that is no longer currently active in SNOA and can be an official, coach, administrator or anyone else that has rendered distinguished service to the SNOA or the Southern Nevada Community. All potential Honorary Members are nominated at the first All Sport Board meeting of the year in September then approved by the membership at the annual banquet. Once approved at the banquet, the individual will be recognized at the banquet the following year. For a complete list of all SNOA Honorary Members of SNOA please visit our website at and click on the history page.

Banquet Photos: You can now view pictures from the banquet that was held this past November. If you are on the SNOA website homepage you can click on the tab in the upper right hand corner which says “SNOA 2011 Banquet Photos”. Once there you can view the 150+ photos that have been uploaded into the photo gallery. We hope that you enjoy them!

SNOA Hall of Fame: SNOA is looking at creating an SNOA Hall of Fame that will be different than the recognition as an Honorary Member. The Board of Control recently approved that a committee be set up that will create some direction and guidelines for the potential Hall of Fame. The Board felt that a separate recognition should be paid to outstanding achievements for officiating only. Stay tuned for future updates.

Kickball Tournament a Success: SNOA had over 50 officials take part in the World Championship Kickball Tournament last October. This was the first time that SNOA has ventured into the kickball world as our officials found out very quickly how competitive these games really were. The feedback from the officials who worked this tournament was all positive as the Association looks forward to more kickball opportunities.

2011 State Championship Officials (Fall Sports): Congratulations to the following individuals who were selected to officiate in a State Championship assignment during the fall sports season.

4A: John Hathaway and Ben Keller
3A: Jim Hays and Ed Farrow
2A: KC Mitchell and Dion Spenard
1A: Donald Romeo and Mike Dennis

4A: Jeff Harris
3A: Alejandro Cisneros

4A: Bobby Ramangkoun Line judges: Adam Candee and Myron Williams
3A: Bert Casem Line judges: Sally Soderquist and Aidee Peacock
2A: Bill Robinson and Terri Martorano Line judges: Jerry Wang and Brittany Hall
1A: Tony Del Bene Line judges: Bridgett McClean and David Aptekar

Volleyball Scorers and Timers
4A and 3A: Linda Orr and Josh McClain
2A and 1A: Paul Kipper and Frank Roqueni

RefPay Update: A few months back RefPay gave you the ability to have your funds transferred from your RefPay account to your bank account automatically when your funds become available If you would like the automatic transfer to happen to your RefPay account you simply must log into your Refpay account then click on the transfers tab. Once you select SEND FUNDS to bank account (EFT) you must scroll down to the bottom of the page and under preferences it will ask you if you would like to skip this step in the future and have your funds automatically transferred to your bank account when they become available. You must then select YES and this will then set you up for the automatic transfer.

If You Are Injured During a Game: SNOA provides insurance through NFHS to all members that are injured during an SNOA assigned game. If you happen to suffer an injury that requires medical attention you need to visit the following link:

Pink Whistle Update: Over the last year SNOA has been fortunate to have pink whistles donated from an anonymous donor in Las Vegas. The pink whistles have been used in basketball, football, swimming, volleyball and wrestling. The whistles have been used to support breast cancer awareness. The anonymous donor has agreed to match any donation that an SNOA official makes for the whistle. All donations received will be staying in town and will be used for breast cancer patient education. Any official that still wishes to make a donation please email SNOA Treasurer Sheila Seifer and she will deduct your donation from your next per period. At the conclusion of this school year the Association will total up all donations and a check will then be presented for this cause. We appreciate all donations that we have received to date!

Do you have any information or stories that you would like to have appear in a future SNOA Newsletter? If so, please get in touch with SNOA President Vince Kristosik or SNOA Secretary Gail Anderson and please provide the information that you would like to appear. Your input is very valuable to future

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